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  1. Must-have SASS Mixins

    13 Must-have SASS Mixins for Web Designers

  2. Touch-friendly Animated Hamburger Icons

    A showcase of ready-made touch-friendly Hamburger Transformicons built with CSS and a little bit of JavaScript.

  3. CSS-only Responsive Multi-level Navigation Menu

    A tutorial explaining the creation of a responsive, touch-friendly multi-level navigation menu with just CSS.

  4. 3d Earth with Rotating Animation with CSS

    3d Earth with rotating animation built with pure CSS – covered tutorial, demonstration, and code.

  5. Techniques to clear floats in CSS

    Clear CSS floats like a pro with these popular ways / hacks – code and demonstration included.

  6. CSS3 HTML5 Navigation Menu

    Creating a Simple Responsive Navigation menu CSS

    Tutorial to create a Simple Navigation menu from scratch with CSS3 and HTML5. Demonstration included.

  7. Wavy Preloader Animation with CSS

    A detailed tutorial to create wavy preloader animation with CSS using CSS3 Keyframes property.

  8. Spritesheet Animation with CSS

    A simple tutorial to create Classic Spritesheet animations with CSS3 keyframe animation property.

  9. Animated Nav Menu icon with Pure CSS

    Simple tutorial to craft a CSS-only navigation menu icon that animates and transforms into a cross / cancel icon on hover.

  10. Creating a search box like

    Simple tutorial to create a search box similar to the one at – all credits goes to the creator of the original.