• Disable Auto Paragraphs in WordPress

    Disable automatic paragraphs in WordPress posts

    An easy way to disable automatic adding of paragraph tags in WordPress posts without using any plugins. Disable it completely or for custom post types.

  • Animated Menu Icon with CSS

    Animated Nav Menu icon with Pure CSS

    Simple tutorial to craft a CSS-only navigation menu icon that animates and transforms into a cross / cancel icon on hover.

  • CSS-tricks like search box

    Creating a search box like CSS-tricks.com

    Simple tutorial to create a search box similar to the one at CSS-tricks.com – all credits goes to the creator of the original.

  • CSS-only Image slider

    Creating a CSS-only Responsive Image Slider

    Neat and simple, animated responsive Image slider built with pure CSS (CSS3) – works on all modern web browsers.

  • Google Code Prettify

    Setup Google Code Prettify on your Website

    A beginner’s guide to install and use Google Code Prettify aka Prettyprint on your website with least coding skills required.