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  1. Understanding the CSS Box Model

    An easy to understand guide on the CSS Box model approach, explaining what it is and why it is needed.

  2. Add YouTube-like loading bar effect to your website

    A how-to guide to create a YouTube-like loading bar with jQuery and add it to your website in a few lines of code.

  3. Dribbble logo font in TTF, OTF and Web Font format

    Download Dribbble logo look-a-like fonts including free font alternatives – a list of Dribbble like fonts.

  4. AJAX Load Disqus comments on click event

    Code snippet to load Disqus comments with AJAX at onclick event and make your site load faster – code snippet to load Disqus on user demand with jQuery AJAX.

  5. Notify Web crawlers about the updated content with meta revised tag

    Almost every webmaster knows about meta tags. There are different types of meta tags which are generally placed in the <head> section of the markup…

  6. Download Facebook logo Font (TTF, OTF and Web Font)

    Facebook is one of the most popular Social Networks in the world, and so is it’s logo. Everyone knows how Facebook logo looks like, it…

  7. A Guide to CSS3 Rounded Corners

    CSS3 has bring a lot of new features and possibilities into web design. One of such features is the rounded corner support to the box….

  8. Download Pinterest Font (TTF, OTF & Web Font)

    Pinterest has a cute logo. People want to know what font the designer guys at Pinterest used to carve it out. But the truth is…

  9. Really simple Sticky Scroll with jQuery without using plugins

    Easiest way to create a floating jQuery Sticky Scroll division without making use of plugins. Demo and Download links included.

  10. Download Google Glass Font (TTF, OTF and Web Font)

    Google Glass has become the hot property among people on web in the past few months. For those who are willing to start websites around…