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  1. Setup Google Code Prettify on your Website

    A beginner’s guide to install and use Google Code Prettify aka Prettyprint on your website with least coding skills required.

  2. Image hover Zoom n’ Rotate effect with Pure CSS

    Simplest way to achieve zoom-in and rotate effect on image hover with plain CSS.

  3. Pixel Polyfill for REM Units (with SASS Mixin)

    Pixel polyfill for “Root em” or rem font-size unit – detailed explanation with a handy SASS mixin.

  4. Find previous versions of WordPress plugins

    Quickly find and install older version of WordPress plugins in case you didn’t like the latest version.

  5. Lazy loading JavaScript to improve site speed

    A guide to load external JavaScript files asynchronously – covering JavaScript, jQuery and HTML5 solutions to lazy load scripts and speed up website.

  6. Build an XML Sitemap for your static website

    An easy to implement guide to build XML Sitemap for your static websites using free software programs without messing up with XML codes.

  7. Convert colored images to Grayscale with CSS

    Quick ways to turn colorful image to grayscale mode in CSS without using even a bit of JavaScript.

  8. Add Font Awesome to WordPress Navigation Menus

    Easily add Font Awesome to your WordPress navigation menus – with or without plugin, both ways covered.

  9. AJAX load Disqus comments on Scrolling down the page

    Load Disqus comments on Scroll event with AJAX and improve your website load time – JavaScript to load Disqus on Scrolling down for WordPress and Blogger.

  10. CSS Masonry

    Creating a CSS-only Responsive Masonry

    A detailed tutorial to create a pure CSS-only responsive masonry without making use of JavaScript or jQuery.